Assessments and Plans: For those who need a plan and some accountability to scale their aspirational business.

We can help your organization assess, plan and implement a program to drive accountability and impact.

Phase 1: Leadership Training & Alignment

Choose from a lunch & learn on Aspirational Businesses, align your vision with the Sustainable Development Goals or run a facilitated session to identify organizational challenges that are preventing your vision from becoming reality.

Phase 2: Employee Alignment & Implementation

Know what’s really happening in your organization as we assess your employee’s community engagement preferences & opportunities to deepen aspirational business alignment. We will then support your organization to implement any necessary changes.

Phase 3: Ongoing CEO Support

Reap all of the benefits of our Activate Coaching packagel to stay on track.

Pricing Details:

Programs start at $2,500/ month with one year committment.

Mike Elliott, Director of Development, Outreach, Inc.

Messaging That Drives Results

Ideal for organizations who would like to deepen engagement with a variety of stakeholders, this program will help you:

  • Define how your mission and vision translate into impact

  • Establish partnership goals and success metrics for your nonprofit

  • Clarify the value propositions that most resonate with your ideal partners

  • Identify key industries, organizations or characteristics and or missions where alignment can create a win-win

  • Build a clear process for execution and consistent messaging

  • Remove internal obstacles that could derail engagement post-sale

Each custom assessment and program includes:

  • Interviews with up to 4 internal leaders to identify opportunities, challenges or concerns

  • “Voice of the partner’ interviews with up to 5 existing corporate sponsors

  • Audit and assessment of existing corporate programming offerings

  • Customized report detailing all findings and recommendations

  • A one-year suggested program implementation action plan

one on One coaching

Our individual coaching will help you identify, lead and activate your organization towards world-changing purpose.

Deloitte’s 2018 Human Capital Trends reports “In the era of the social enterprise, stakeholders are taking an intense look at organizations’ impacton society, whether it is how well a product meets people’s needs, how a manufacturing plant a ectsthe community, or how employees feel about their jobs. This mirror—held up to businesses by society—reflects an organization’s identity for all to see, and burnishing that reflection is now vital for success.”

So, two questions:

  1. Who’s holding up the mirror for you?

  2. Do you like what you se

Our Social Capital Coaching Program will help you set a vision, create an action plan, and close the gap between what your stakeholder’s expectations and your organization’s actions.

You’ll Drive the Bottom Line, and You’ll Also:

  • Create a vision and purpose that will excite and engage your team

  • Clarity on what your customers and employees really want from you.

  • A path to driving ethical alignment with our organization

  • Tools to innovate new products or markets

  • Marketing that goes beyond a catchy slogan and builds deep loyalty.

Each Program Includes:

  • A monthly best-practices review & power-hour consulting session.

  • Monthly action plans and accountability

  • Access to a monthly trends report

  • Unlimited Email Access

  • 5 copies of the Aspirational Business book

  • 30% off all ongoing services.

Topics Include:

Each month will focus on a different topic to ensure you’re building engagement across all of your stakeholder groups.

  • Understanding Your Social Capital Quotient

  • Determining the Value of Investment

  • Setting Your Organizational Purpose

  • Understanding Aspirational Businesses

  • Measuring Your Social Impact

  • Understanding Employee Preferences

  • Understanding Customer Preferences

  • Ensuring Ethical Compliance

  • Effective Marketing Messages

  • Social Innovation

  • Roadmap Planning

Pricing Details:

$550/ month with a 12-month agreement