Mike Elliott, Director of Development, Outreach, Inc.

effective corporate alignment

Ideal for organizations who would like to deepen engagement with corporate partners within the community, this engagement will help you:

  • Define how your mission and vision translate into community impact

  • Establish partnership goals and success metrics for your nonprofits

  • Clarify the value propositions that most resonate with your ideal corporate partners

  • Identify key industries, organizations or characteristics and or missions where alignment can create a win-win

  • Build a clear process for execution and consistent messaging

  • Remove internal obstacles that could derail engagement post-agreement

Each custom assessment and program includes:

  • Interviews with up to 4 internal leaders to identify opportunities, challenges or concerns

  • “Voice of the partner’ interviews with up to 5 existing or ideal corporate sponsors

  • Audit and assessment of existing corporate programming offerings

  • Customized report detailing all findings and recommendations

  • A one-year suggested program implementation action plan