Building Effective Partnerships

This course is designed to provide a full view about the most recent trends, methods and theories occurring in the CSR space, with a specific focus on the components relevant to nonprofit organizations, as well as lots of practical approaches to simplify, and enhance your existing efforts. 

Tired of competing for sponsorship dollars? Frustrated by cold-calls where you're not sure what to say? Wasting time working with partners who seem more concerned about their marketing visibility that your impact? We get it... now let us help you give you the tools to operate in a more confident, efficient way while deepening your relationships.

What You'll Come Away With:

  • An understanding of the challenges facing your corporate partners in today's economy.

  • A new process for prospecting and understanding how corporate partners can benefit from your nonprofit.

  • A system to engage corporate partners in ways that drive meaningful benefit for your organization.

  • A worksheet and scatterplot tool to visualize where you're generating the most benefit, and plan your work load for greatest efficiency.

This Session Includes

  • 12 sessions to help you understand and utilize CSR principles in your current nonprofit organization.

  • Reflection Questions, Workbooks and Activities to help ensure you apply and retain the information in your daily work.