From the Outside Looking in: An Introduction

Wherever an organization chooses to house CSR, it should be a cross-organizational strategy. Applying the Win6 concept from Conscience Capitalism, when an organization engages in meaningful work, it creates value for everyone involved. What is good for HR, is good for operations, is good for marketing, is good for the financial health of your company.

Or, if you are a company evaluating your current giving initiatives or looking to establish a new program, ask yourself: what values do you most closely want to align with? What industry challenges will you be facing in the next 3-5 years? What do you want the benefit of a program to be? Understanding the answers to those questions will help you determine how a plan fits within your organization.

CSR initiatives should also take into consideration the organization’s strategic objectives and the objectives within each Department (HR, Marketing, Financial, etc.) to make sure it works for the organization as a whole. Remember, a good CSR strategy drives company alignment and is an extension of the organization’s mission and values.

Still need some inspiration? In order to shed some light, we’ll be doing a three part series to provide some insight into where to best align CSR initiates within your organization and a few examples of this in the media.