The Outside Looking In: Marketing

Cause Marketing can include promotions where a percentage of sales are given to a cause, an organization commits revenues, or a corporation publicly provides support to a certain cause for the effort of building brand goodwill (more on that here).  Organizations that align their giving initiatives in this area may be signaling that they want to align with consumers around a certain topic.  This is clearly an important topic as Forbes says, 83% of Americans want MORE of the products, services and retailers they use to support causes.

What to watch out for? Just as with Public Policy look out to avoid the perception green-washing with CSR programs housed in Marketing, but also be mindful of cause marketing which can sometimes be mistaken CSR and vice versa. While they both promote social good, cause marketing’s primary objective is promoting the company and developing brand goodwill. It’s critical if going this route that your initiatives align with the organization’s values.

Interested in an example of this done right?  One of our faves: 

What do you think your organization most frequently defaults to?

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