What's Really Happening in Indiana

In an earlier post I mentioned a desire to change the conversation from the negative perception of our state, to one that more clearly demonstrates the good work happening in Indiana.

Over the last year, I've been working with several wonderful and impassioned organizations to better understand the landscape of corporate giving in Indiana, and quantify the impact those activities have on businesses and our communities as a whole.  While that's still in the works, I also did an informal study on my own, surveying my LinkedIn network to understand the market and what's currently happening within my network.

Now, a disclaimer: this research is likely NOT scientifically sound, and in fact, I expected a slim, skeptical response.  The kind of response that would have made it easy to say, 'Eh, forget this life-purpose/passion stuff' and turn my full attention back to my marketing business.  But I was surprised and compelled to continue on.  

I asked 250 connections, either business owners or c-suite executives (primarily Indiana businesses) from businesses of 1 - 10,000 employees to weigh in on a variety of CSR questions. 

25% responded, thusly:

  • 40% of businesses provide financial support

  • 22% participate in Workplace Giving Activities

  • 34% provide some sort of volunteer program

Only 1% said they do nothing at all.  Of those that do give, the reasons are diverse: brand goodwill, leadership and culture, talent retention, employee development and tax incentives (in that order.)  

As promised, I'll begin highlighting the organizations who I see doing this good work every day, like Hedges & Associates whose recently CSR plan revealed that their staff of 6 volunteered or supported over 30 organizations outside of work in the last 3 years alone.  Or xiik, who chose to forgo printing Christmas cards in order to provide a more green solution and further contribute to the organizational value of "Create with Purpose."  The work is everywhere, and it's important.

But oh, how I wish I'd asked how many organizations give because, "it's what Hoosiers do."