What's Your Number? How The Global SDGs Are Changing Your Business or NonProfit

Last month I had the opportunity to visit the United Nations for the inaugural summit for Impact 2030.  It was a remarkable experience to be in the auspicious Trusteeship council, working on big visions with global scope, and to be surrounded by so many leaders, from governments to corporate partners to major nonprofits. 

As time as gone on, more people are familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is a good sign: not only because it signifies greater awareness of the topics, but also because most of these individuals have also been considering what this framework might mean for them. 

Here's what you need to know about the SDGs and Impact 2030:

  • The Sustainable Development goals were created and ratified by all 193 Member Countries of the U.N, So they are truly the beginning of a global movement.

  • Political Leaders are beginning to consider how the SDGs align with their own political agendas and are beginning to use this language. In fact, Philadelphia has become the first city to officially align with Impact 2030, and Ian Bremner of Eurasia Group believes that CEOs and political leaders will begin to include them in strategy planning within two political cycles.

  • The framework makes it easy for your organization to understand where your business or nonprofit align, consider your impact and find partners to engage with meaningfully. Soon, an employee will ask which of the SDGs you're aligned with, and you had better have an answer!

It is also becoming increasingly clear that corporations and governments are beginning to identify challenges and financial resources to solve social issues, and then seeking out non profit partners to fulfill the work.  This shift from philanthropy to service model should give everyone pause: nonprofits will be required to measure the impact of their work; they will be competing against others in their space to solve social challenges more efficiently; they may even begin competing with mission-based for-profit companies for service delivery. 

At the end of the day, my hope is that the SDGs make it much easier for us to share with others what we're doing, and how.   GivingSpring is focused on 17.16 and 17.17, and we do this through our  volunteer activities with Impact 2030, and our business model.  

What's your number? 


MissionDora LutzComment