Your Team Wants More Than Birthday Cake.

I remember the first time the leadership came through the office wearing aprons and serving warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk to the team who worked in our call center.  It was unexpected, heartwarming, and the entire team felt appreciated and cared for.  It solidified a warm commitment from both those who had taken he time to serve, and those who were served.

It brought a sense of life and community into my cube, if just for a moment. 

Eventually as the importance of culture and employee wellness grew (occasionally in opposing ways), I saw these recruitment and retention strategies turn into monthly birthday cake celebrations.  Pedometers.  Kegerators.  Pitch-ins.  Walkathons.  Toy drives.  Desk decorating contests.  

Anything to add a sense of life and community into our cubes, if just for a moment. 

But we all know deep down that what Millennial and Boomers alike want is to have a sense of life and community in our work -  for more than a passing moment. 

If you're wondering what you can do in 2018 to better recruit millennials who want a sense of purpose; to retain your boomers who are leaving build a sense of life and community in retirement; to engage your Gen Xers who want to believe in the possibility of a greater purpose at work, take heart: I have a solution that allows you to involve and engage your employees in living out your organization's purpose and values that will drive impact for your bottom line. It also  just happens to improve the community at the same time.

Do you know someone who might be interested in an easy, affordable, positive way to recruit, develop and retain employees in 2018?

What past Participants of my Employee & Community Engagement Program Say:

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience in developing a CSR strategy for our company. Dora made the process simple for employees at all levels of our organization to be meaningfully engaged in developing a community engagement strategy that will, without question, multiply our combined efforts to create social impact. I would recommend this affordable, streamlined, and insightful process to any business leader wishing to unleash the power of social good in improving the health of their company and their community.” -Erin Hedges, Hedges and Associates
“Dora's findings and her assistance in helping us understand our organizational culture and employee preferences was very insightful. Dora's recommendations showed an in-depth understanding of our organizational culture. This work was very important to our staff leadership for several reasons. One is that we were actively communicating CSR information to our members during the year in our BizVoice publication and wanted to create a plan to guide our own CSR goals. Additionally, we wanted to understand and document which philanthropic initiatives best align with the Chamber's goals and our employee preferences.” – Christy Huston, Indiana Chamber of Commerce
“I have worked with Dora Lutz to develop the philanthropic strategy for Sharpen Techologies, Inc. and am very impressed with the process she has created. The document will serve as our guiding principles as we move Sharpen forward to achieve all of our business objectives and, ultimately, implement an effective Shared Values initiative. I look forward to continuing to work with Dora on these objectives.” – Curt Fankhauser, Sharpen

Our process addresses and eliminates the five pains that impact most HR leaders as they manage employee/ community engagement programs:

  • Inability to measure if existing programs are driving employee engagement, retention or recruitment success

  • Disappointment with building time-intensive volunteer programs that are poorly attended.

  • Discouragement at the constant barrage of philanthropic requests without an effective decision making process to help say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to each request.

  • Uncertainty whether existing philanthropic dollars are actually making a difference to the business or the community.

  • Frustration at their ability to find effective best practices that would make managing these programs easier.

Don't head into 2017 without a proven process to navigate these hurdles, deeply engage your staff and provide lasting benefit to your business and your community.  

Our Closely-Held Business Process Covers:

  •  Interviews with up to 4 members of key leadership understand individual philanthropic preferences

  • Organizational audit of existing giving initiatives including: type of gift, expenditures, reason for giving, determination process, outcomes (internal and external)

  • Implementation of employee survey identifying perceptions, preferences, ideal outcomes for up to 100 employees in 1 location

  • Identification of internal and external stakeholder segments, personas, values, and motivating factors

Your Program Deliverable Includes:

  • Alignment of engagement program with mission and purpose

  • Review of employee and leadership giving preferences

  • Assessment of areas of internal alignment or potential challenges

  • Suggested volunteer programs, team building activities, pro-bono and financial giving programs

  • Key internal and external communication points

  • Suggested implementation plan  

  • Giving request assessment rubric and management process

  • Recommended individual performance management documents

  • Internal program success metrics

  • Annual nonprofit assessment tool

  • Corporate-giving elevator speech for each segment

  • All survey findings

There is an easy way to engage your employees and your community, and it's 20% of through the end of the year.

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Good luck with the next few weeks - i'll be rooting for your success.


PS: Know you want to do more with your community engagement program but not ready to commit?  No worries - but you may want to join our Upcoming Webinar on Nov. 20th: The 5 Most Important Questions You Need to Ask: What You Must Know to Build an Effective Community Engagement Program


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