The Aspirational Business Canvas

Some time ago, my peer group laid down the gauntlet: "Dora, explain what you do in 5 words or less."  It was a challenge I accepted, not realizing what was about to happen next.

After months of burn-it-all-down soul searching, man-this-stinks simplifying and numerous because-they're-fun flow charts, I finally found my answer. Of course, the answer was there all along; just hidden under a boatload of content, a marketing business and an overwhelming desire to not be too visible...

So, for those of you who have always secretly wondered what I actually do, here goes nothing (and yet somehow everything):

I build Aspirational Businesses.

Aspirational Businesses are powerful because they inspire employees, reduce risk and create resilient brands.

Aspirational Businesses are unique because they have a world-changing purpose that is fully baked into the business model. 

Aspirational Businesses are easy to identify and meet 5 key criteria:

  • They have a vision for how their business serves the community, country or world in some way (that goes beyond serving customers or creating jobs.)

  • They measure both impact and profit as outcomes of their business model.

  • They create an environment where employees thrive.

  • They build operational processes that align with the aspirational vision.

  • They tell an authentic marketing story based on the truth of what that organization has accomplished.

Aspirational business can be startups, century-old companies or even nonprofit organizations.  They can be publicly traded retailers or regional, closely-held businesses.  

If you'd like your organization to harness the power of Aspirational Businesses to increase loyalty, enhance brand perception, and create world-changing purpose, here are 3 things you can do next: 

Join me?


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