Gen Z: Dedicated Changemakers

Gen Z: "Dedicated Changemakers"

These Kids are Not Messing Around. (They’re also not kids.)

People are often surprised to hear that Millennials are officially in the work place, and the students coming out of College now are Gen Z. This generation is known as Dedicated Change Makers - and if they can’t make a difference at your organization, they’ll go start their own.

If you don’t believe me, the statistics of students who are taking ‘Business Planning for Social Entrepreneurs at Purdue University “ don’t lie. Keep reading below or Download the Better Businesses, Better Individuals Pitch Deck Here.

Because of this class, I am likely to: 

•      Consider an organization’s social impact when applying for a job (76% strongly agreed)

•      Be a more principled or ethical leader (72% strongly agreed)

•      Be a more discerning employee (69% strongly agreed)

•      Be a more active or engaged citizen (69% strongly agreed)

•      Consider social impact and profitability in a business I create (65% strongly agreed)

•      Invest my money in ways that align with my values (62% strongly agreed)

•      Build a social enterprise (31% strongly agreed)

This class helped me: 

•      Believe that I can make a positive difference in the world (79% strongly agreed)

•      Consider how my major or field of study can impact the world (65% strongly agreed)

•      Identify ways my skills can be used to address social issues (62% strongly agreed)

•      Understand issues happening in my community or the world (62% strongly agreed)

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