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Many leaders are engaging in corporate social responsibility, but don't realize it is a tool they should be using to build their bottom line. Others want to use their businesses for the greater good, but aren't sure where to start. Some know it's a necessary change in order to attract their employees but are still skeptical that they need to do it now.

Our proprietary approach is based on hundreds of CEO interviews, and identifies the evolution that many leaders go through as they grow from pure-focus on profitability to one that calls them to larger impact. 

Understanding your place in this framework will allow you to ensure that you are building programs that are aligned with your organization's mission and culture, scalableimpactfuland measurable.  

The 5 Phases of Social Engagement


Phase 1: Profitability 

How do our products and services allow us to be profitable and generate revenue in alignment with our mission and purpose? 

Phase 2: Actualization 

How are we fulfilling our mission or personal legacy with the wealth we create?

Phase 3: Maximization 

How do we utilize our business assets to create exponential impact?

Phase 4: Social Responsibility 

How do I extend and protect our business legacy with my stakeholders (suppliers, buyers,the environment and community?)

Phase 5: Influence 

How do I extend this work to attract and support new stakeholders?

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