Who Owns Community Engagement? Everyone.

Aspirational Businesses are powerful because they inspire employees, reduce risk and create resilient brands.

Aspirational Businesses are unique because they have a world-changing purpose that is fully baked into the business model. 

Aspirational Businesses are easy to identify and meet 5 key criteria:

  • They have a vision for how their business serves the community, country or world in some way (that goes beyond serving customers or creating jobs.)

  • They measure both impact and profit as outcomes of their business model.

  • They create an environment where employees thrive.

  • They build operational processes that align with the aspirational vision.

  • They tell an authentic marketing story based on the truth of what that organization has accomplished.

We know that understanding aspirational businesses impacts your ability to recruit, to inspire, and to sign employees.  

Here's what a group of 40 Purdue students said after learning about Aspirational Businesses: 

  • 75% strongly agreed that they would consider an organization’s social impact when applying for a job

  • 73% strongly agreed that they would be a more principled or ethical leader

  • 70% strongly agreed that they would be a more discerning employee

  • 70% strongly agreed that they would be a more active or engaged citizen

Dora LutzComment