The Dark Side Isn't Winning.

I'm saying that mostly for myself.  Today, I find myself feeling disheartened about the climate in Indiana (and it ain't the rain.)  For me, it's not about RFRA. It's about the fact that the fear of discrimination still exists.  It's an inaccurate representation of who we are as a community and the fact that we even have to discuss this issue in 2015 that I find sickening and non-representative of my state or my vision of what Indiana can be. 

Those who know me know that justice is my most strongly held-value, which explains why I find my work so compelling, and the continued conversation of non-acceptance in our political ranks, legal or not, unacceptable.  This conversation also hides the truly good work that is being done in our state by companies that want to see our communities thrive. 

I'm on a mission to change the face of corporate philanthropy, (which interestingly comes from the root philanthrōpia, loving people.)  The issue of acceptance and inherent worth of everyone is just a piece of my personal mission and there is work we can do to change the current conversation.  We can fight injustice with well planned social engagement, personally and in our businesses.

Here's what Giving-Spring and the community can do starting now:

  • For the next two months, GivingSpring will offer Social Responsibility Plans at 50% off to any business that wants to create one.

  • We will continue the conversation about Indiana companies that are working diligently to impact the community.

  • We will encourage affiliated nonprofit and governmental organizations to collaborate and build momentum on the importance of this topic.

  • We will share our voices through blogging, calls, and petitions.

  • We will support any colleagues or fellow business owners who feel discriminated against to let them know that they are valued and supported, as well as support creative solutions such as Open For Business that can help us better visualize our values.

I'm sure there's more we can do.  What other ideas do you have?




Dora LutzComment