Doug Prince, CEO Procourse Fiduciary Advisors

“Working with 3 Hawks has allowed us to become more strategic from both a marketing and operational standpoint. Our efforts are more closely aligned with our vision for the company than ever before. 3 Hawks enabled us to not only plan growth strategically, but supported and measured the execution of that growth.”-  Doug Prince, CEO of ProCourse Fiduciary Advisors


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Lisa Young, COO, Fineline Printing

“3 Hawks consulting has been a game-changer for Fineline. Dora and her team have brought the right amount of expertise, continuous planning, and support to meet some aggressive sales and marketing goals we set out to accomplish two-years ago. We can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us, and are inspired at the opportunity to work with 3 Hawks on evolving our business and service to our customers.” - Lisa Young, COO at Fineline Printing Group

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Erin Hedges, CEO, Hedges

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience in developing a CSR strategy for our company. 

Dora made the process simple for employees at all levels of our organization to be meaningfully engaged in developing a community engagement strategy that will, without question, multiply our combined efforts to create social impact. 

I would recommend this affordable, streamlined, and insightful process to any business leader wishing to unleash the power of social good in improving the health of their company and their community.”

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Christy Huston, CEO, Indiana Chamber Foundation

Dora's findings and her assistance in helping us understand our organizational culture and employee preferences was very insightful.

Dora's recommendations showed an in- depth understanding of our organizational culture. This work was very important to our staff leadership for several reasons. 

One is that we were actively communicating CSR information to our members during the year in our BizVoice publication and wanted to create a plan to guide our own community engagement goals. Additionally, we wanted to understand and document which philanthropic initiatives best align with the Chamber's goals and our employee preferences.”

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Curt Fankhauser, COO, Sharpen

“I have worked with Dora Lutz to develop the philanthropic strategy for Sharpen Techologies, Inc. and am very impressed with the process she has created. 

The document will serve as our guiding principles as we move Sharpen forward to achieve all of our business objectives and, ultimately, implement an effective Shared Values Initiative. 

I look forward to continuing to work with Dora on these objectives.”

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Jacob Schpok, Elevate Ventures

“Dora Lutz is an expert at helping organizations grow through making positive impacts on the world. 

The work she’s doing is changing company cultures and business practices to align profits with community benefit.”

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