Doug Prince, CEO Procourse Fiduciary Advisors

3 Hawks Consulting Increases ProCourse Fiduciary Advisor Direct Leads by 2X and New Leads by 8X - in Less Than 2 Years


About ProCourse Fiduciary Advisors

ProCourse Fiduciary Advisors, LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that specializes in working with employers to help manage and improve their organization’s retirement plans and is dedicated to servicing plan sponsors as its sole business initiative. ProCourse team members have been providing retirement plan investment advisory and consulting services since 1998. As specialists in 401(k), 403(b) and other institutional retirement plans, ProCourse provides clients with a full menu of advisory services, including investment advisory, retirement plan design, fiduciary management, committee governance, fee and expense benchmarking, service provider searches and employee engagement services.


The Challenge 

In 2014, ProCourse approached 3 Hawks about providing marketing support to enhance current sales and marketing efforts. Because the subject matter is quite complex, and the Investment Advisory industry is so heavily regulated, finding creative, effective marketing channels can be daunting.

Fortunately, ProCourse already had an internal Marketing Director who knew retirement planning and fiduciary compliance like the back of her hand.  However, as with any small staff, the team needed outside perspective to create a high level strategy, clarify key messaging, and then provide ongoing support to ensure the strategy was being consistently followed, (no small feat for any team that spends their time managing the day-to-day as well). 

When the strategy was created, key organizational goals included:

  • Refine brand identity including target profiles, key value propositions and website overhaul

  • Increase number of inbound leads and revenue

  • Improve brand awareness within targeted geographies

  • Build additional referral partner relationships

  • Maintain and increase client satisfaction

  • Determine employee education offerings and promote to existing clients

  • Provide organizational clarity, transparency, and alignment around all marketing efforts


The Solution

3 Hawk’s first put together a marketing implementation plan that outlined key value propositions by target client demographics, brand identity and overall strategy for ProCourse.  As always, the best place to start was through consumer feedback. 3 Hawks supported ProCourse in a client focus group designed to understand market needs and opportunities.

As an outcome to overall strategy 3 Hawks worked with ProCourse to effectively build targeted creative for online, print ad and infographic campaigns; as well as video concepting and vetting options for ongoing client education.

As part of brand, messaging and lead generation, ProCourse and 3 Hawks worked to design and build a new website that better serves ProCourse and its team, while attracting new prospects and making what can be a complex conversation about financial and retirement planning – simplified and relatable.  

Finally, 3 Hawks then worked with ProCourse’s Marketing Director to build efficient processes around capturing key indicators, such as team networking and community involvement, capturing referral leads, measuring brand impressions and impact of revisions brand messaging to strategic markets.


The Outcome

As a result of all the hard work by two committed partners, we were able to accomplish a significant amount. Results included: 

  • 7X the number of new leads generated in 2015 versus 2014

  • 71% closed-won rate and lead qualification

  • 2X the number of direct leads over the past year

  • Doubled email subscription list

  • 92% increase in website visitors

  • Double leads from Search Engine Optimization

  • 50% increase in webinar attendees