What is an Aspirational Business?

Aspirational Businesses are separate from inspirational leaders. 

Inspirational leaders are individuals who desire purpose, impact, legacy. They want to make a difference for their teams, their stakeholders, and their communities. However, an aspirational leader, even with an incredible vision for the organization may have difficulty bringing it to life without an effective process. It’s this process that we’ll cover through this book.

Aspirational Businesses are powerful because they leverage the principles social enterprise to inspire employees, reduce operational risk and create resilient brands.

Aspirational Businesses are unique because they not only have a world-changing purpose, that purpose is fully baked into the business model.

This book will help you, the CEO or organizational leader, create an aspirational vision for your organization within the context of both a local and global community. It is this vision that has the power to create optimism, engagement and commitment for all your stakeholders well as drive meaningful impact on the bottom line.

What Others Have Said: 

"The style is reminiscent of Carnegie, Drucker and Clason; a great “voice” for this kind of book. Dora avoids being “preachy”, by injecting exactly the right amounts of humor, humility, and 3rd party sources. I felt like she was a guide leading me down a path, not the expert telling me what to do. I would absolutely buy this book, and I could see myself adding this to my list of “giveaway” books for other owners and entrepreneurs."

- Mike Kelly, Managing Partner, DeveloperTown

"I have had a couple of meetings with social impact businesses that want to improve the world while scaling the business. These ventures depicts exactly the “Aspirational Business” you describe. I have a bunch of next steps rattling around in my head, and this book will be VERY helpful."

- Scott Whiting, Vice President, General Manager, Merchandise Warehouse

"I got goosebumps. I couldn't wait to read the whole thing."

- Erin Hedges, President, Hedges & Associates

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