Strategic planning:

For mid-sized business that want to build on existing success

Focused on strategy and execution, this program will help you go deeper into your organizational purpose and create a plan to build culture, drive impact and build your bottom line.

This opportunity is ideal for your organization if: 

  • Your employees, customers or partners aren’t as excited about your mission as you are.

  • Your leadership team isn’t perfectly aligned on what your organizational purpose should be or how to measure success.

  • You want to:

    • Drives measurable social impact

    • Find additional revenue streams by creating Shared Value

    • Improve your employee recruitment, retention and engagement strategy

    • Avoid cultural or organizational risks that could be detrimental to your bottom line

    • Crate a marketing message that resonates with your customers & community

  • Your organization has plateaued and you need a new, inspiring way to move your business forward.

OUr 5 Phase process includes:

Phase 1: Assessment & Strategic Planning

Training & Alignment

  • Organizational Lunch & Learn with

  • Facilitated Organizational Purpose Exercise

  • 25 Copies of the Aspirational Business for your team.

Internal Assessments

  • Interviews with up to 5 Key Leaders

  • Interviews with up to 5 Employees

  • Interviews with up to 3 Customers

Competitive Research

  • Competitive Research

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Best Practice Assessment

Documentation & Plan

  • Current State Assessment

  • Ideal State Recommendations

  • Gaps Assessment

  • One year execution strategy

Phase 2: Employee Support

Assess your employee preferences and identify potential issues keeping your organization from accomplishing its vision.

Phase 3: Implementation Support

Our hands-on support will help you ensure the gaps are closed and you’re on the road to accomplishing your vision

Phase 4: Ongoing Leadership Coaching

Reap all of the benefits of our Activate Coaching model to stay on track.


“Even if you think you "have that social responsibility thing handled" at your organization, Dora challenges you to look closely at your personal and corporate values and measure their success both quantitatively and qualitatively. Dora provides a step-by-step approach to define your values, honestly evaluate your current state create metrics and build an authentic story that will help even the most resistant C-suite characters begin to see the light (not to mention the profitability potential) of well-integrated corporate philanthropy. 

The next generations of consumers, workers, and leaders don't see social responsibility as an add-on; they see it as integral to the operation of the businesses from whom they buy and with whom they work.” – Denise Dilworth, WordFuse

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience in developing a CSR strategy for our company. Dora made the process simple for employees at all levels of our organization to be meaningfully engaged in developing a community engagement strategy that will, without question, multiply our combined efforts to create social impact. I would recommend this affordable, streamlined, and insightful process to any business leader wishing to unleash the power of social good in improving the health of their company and their community.” – Erin Hedges, Hedges & Associates

“I have worked with Dora Lutz to develop the philanthropic strategy for Sharpen Technologies, Inc. and am very impressed with the process she has created. The document will serve as our guiding principles as we move Sharpen forward to achieve all of our business objectives and, ultimately, implement an effective Shared Values Initiative. I look forward to continuing to work with Dora on these objectives.”- Curt Fankhauser, Sharpen