Available Speaking Topics

Innovation for the Greater Good

Designed for organizational leaders that would like to facilitate innovation to solve social issues that impact employees, society and their businesses.  By the end of this session, participants will understand how the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals can be used as a rubric for ideation of new products and markets. 

Leaders will also understand the concepts of Shared Value, a methodology that allows businesses to solve a compelling social issue while driving profitability to understand how to implement social innovations in the organization. Lastly, participants will hear how creating an Aspirational Vision can create internal alignment for new innovations.  

*Keynote, Breakout

Thriving businesses, employees & communities

This talk is designed for leaders of existing businesses that want to understand the interplay between the health of their organization, their employees and their communities, and how each influences the others. This session will ask participants to understand the Aspirational Business model within the context of all stakeholders, and identify areas where impact can be maximized.

*Breakout, Facilitated Workshop

Change the World. Drive Profitability.

Designed for leaders in existing successful businesses seeking to understand how to build purpose into their organization in a way that adds to the bottom line. Using the Aspirational Business Model, this presentation begins with a pre-assessment that allows leaders to understand where opportunities for greater organizational purpose exist.

Through a presentation filled with storytelling and examples, audience members will walk away with an awareness of the Aspirational Business Model, an understanding of how purpose adds value to an organization (beyond employee engagement!) and three to five concrete next steps to begin building into his or her organization.

*Keynote, Breakout, Facilitated Workshop

Social Entrepreneurship 101: Startup Edition

Focused on helping startup businesses think through their needs to building for-profit organizations that change the world. This action-packed, informational keynote helps leaders understand ways to use the Sustainable Development Goals to hone their business concept statement, validate the market need, measure their impact on society, communicate to multiple stakeholders and find funding through unexpected sources.

*Breakout, Facilitated Workshop

Use Your Business To Change the World

Serves as an introductory session for CEOs or Leaders who are just beginning to explore the topics of Corporate Social Responsibility and understand how their organization can make a positive difference in the world. This presentation discusses how community engagement serves the bottom line, helps leaders understand where they at in their evolution between philanthropist and provides 2-3 action items for the leader to continue to move this work forward at home.

*Keynote, Breakout, Facilitated Workshop

Stop Dialing for Corporate Dollars.

Designed to provide different tools to nonprofit leaders who find themselves struggling as corporate sponsorships decline. This session provides insight into the trends that business leaders are looking for in their most effective nonprofit partnerships, and provides insights, tips and practical approaches nonprofit leaders can begin using to build deeper, more meaningful, more valuable corporate partnerships.

*Keynote, Breakout, Facilitated Workshop, On-Demand

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